Willard J. Page Exhibit

He implemented a new marketing approach for selling his artwork.  Early 1900s artist Willard J. Page traveled the Southwest setting up his easels on the railroad platform.  In assembly-line mode, he would paint his vision of the Southwest, and sell his “baggage-sized” original oils to train travelers eager to grab a memento of their excursion to the Territories.

With his wife Ethel and in the custom-built ‘motorized coach,’ they traveled from the Tetons to Tucson, the Rockies to the Grand Canyon and all points in between.  They made a life together, and foraged a lifestyle focussed on his artistic passion for the Southwest.

The new historic art exhibit featuring the works of Willard J. Page opened mid-May at at Sharlot Hall Museum.  More than 40 original paintings of Page are exhibited, including the Museum’s own “Thumb Butte.”  Curated by Carolyn O’Bagy Davis, the collection is a must-see experience of mutual discovery, looking into the past for both style and substance, and sharing in the future Page captured on canvas.

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