Volunteer Soldiers Enlisted from Sonora Sought to Bring Calm to Arizona Territory

By Allan and Cathie M. Englekirk In February 1864, Governor Goodwin contacted President Lincoln for authority to recruit volunteer infantry to combat Apaches in the Territory.  After his request was granted, Hiram Storrs Washburn, a merchant from Patagonia, was made … Continue reading

Cotesworth Pinckney Head, Pioneer Prescott Merchant

By Fred Veil A name like Cotesworth Pinckney Head evokes images of the Deep South of the 19th century.  Indeed, this Arizona pioneer did reside in Arkansas for a time during the early years of his adulthood, and was sufficiently … Continue reading

A Road to California through Unexplored Arizona

By Mick Woodcock What is now the state of Arizona was once a part of Mexico and the central mountain region was basically unexplored, except by a few fur-trapping parties.  It was the home of the Yavapai who lived in … Continue reading

Arizona’s Territorial Women, Part 3: Their Work and Contributions

By Mary Melcher The Sharlot Hall Museum Territorial Women’s Memorial Rose Garden honors women living in Arizona Territory before statehood.  The diverse honorees represent nearly every ethnic culture and occupation.  While the majority married and had children, some remained single; … Continue reading

Our Arizona Roses: Women of the Territorial Memorial Rose Garden

By Gretchen Hough Eastman Last Sunday’s article discussed the women who started the Territorial Women’s Memorial Rose Garden, located on the Sharlot Hall Museum campus.  This week, four of the pioneer women’s stories are featured, representing the hundreds of women … Continue reading

Celebrate Our Arizona Roses: History of the Territorial Women’s Rose Garden

By Brenda Taylor Later this month, the Sharlot Hall Museum will host a panel discussion regarding the Territorial Women’s Memorial Rose Garden and unveil its new exhibit, The Rose Garden Discovery Kiosk.  This exhibit will usher the Museum into the … Continue reading

Opening the Central Arizona Mountains to Anglo Settlement

By Mick Woodcock The opening of the Central Mountains of Arizona to Anglo settlement was set against the backdrop of the American Civil War.  This conflict hastened the exploration of the Territory as the need for gold to finance the … Continue reading

A Story of Pioneer Christmases in Territorial Prescott

By Al Bates Editor’s Note:  An earlier version of the following was published as a Days Past article in December 2005. Usually when we think of Christmastime in Territorial Prescott we have images of jolly families with little children warm … Continue reading

Richard E. Sloan, Arizona’s Last Territorial Governor

By Murray Smolens  Richard Elihu Sloan is not exactly a household name today in Arizona, but he was well known and highly regarded a century ago.  As the last territorial governor, longest-serving member of the Arizona Supreme Court, and later … Continue reading

Governor Safford and the Establishment of Public Education in Arizona Territory

By Ray Carlson On April 24, 1869, the Prescott newspaper, the Weekly Arizona Miner, noted that Anson P.K. Safford “from California” was appointed Governor.  “Nobody here seems to know Mr. Safford, nor do our people seem to care who or … Continue reading