Prescott\'s Folk Art Traditions

Publish Date: 2019-05-25

By Jenny Pederson

What is folk art? Very simply, it is everyday people the world over creating works of art using traditional techniques passed down for generations. In the case of pioneers in the U.S., it often demonstrates the diverse European backgrounds of the makers.

Folk art is rooted in traditions from particular cultures and communities like Prescott and illustrate community cultural identities.

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Sharlot Hall Library & Archives

This photo is a Bate Brother's Studio photograph of both the auto bridge and train trestle crossing Hell Canyon near Drake, Arizona. Thomas and Claude Bate were Arizona photographers that traveled across Central and Northern Arizona capturing a variety of subjects and scenes. They had studios based in Phoenix and Prescott so they could photograph the many mines and mining operations that were in the area for the owners and people back East.

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