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Apache Chief Natches & Wife; ca. 1883 ina160pa
Call Number ina160pa

ID : 297
Call Number : IN-A-160P
Creator : Ben Wittick
Title : Apache Chief Natches & Wife; ca. 1883
Collection : SHM Photographs

Subject Natches
Nei Chi Ti
Apache Indians - Chiricahua
Apache Indians - Women
Indians - Clothing & apparel
Notes : Actual name Naiche. Son of Cochise. Photo taken in ca. 1883 or 1884 at San Carlos, AZ. One of several photos taken of Chiricahua Apaches at that time. Others include Geronimo, Loco, Nana, and Chihuahua. Naiche's wife was named Etl'ade. She was one of his three wives.