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Various People and Places, Prescott, Arizona. pb148f9i6
Call Number pb148f9i6

ID : 15850
Call Nbr : PB-148,F-009 - See all photos associated
Title : Various People and Places, Prescott, Arizona.
Date of Photograph : 1894-1982
Collection : SHM Photographs

Personal Names
Travis, George
Travis, Mary Jane
Overstreet, Robert
Overstreet, Louise
Overstreet, Cecil
Wellman, Mr.& Mrs. Dan
Boyd, Tenney
Ola, Henry
Karznarick, Philip
Karznarick, Pauline
Stacy, Minnie
Henry, Anna M.
Henry, George P.

Subject Scopel Pool Room
Yavapai Club
Sanitation Truck
Greyhound Bus
Daughters of the Nile
Groom Creek School
Yavapai Indian Basket Maker
Notes : 12 Images
      pb148f9i6 is Groom Creek School near Prescott, Arizona