ID : 6465
Call Nbr : PB-002,A-04
Creator : Smith, Lillian Wilhelm; Artist, Photographer, Collector
Title : Photograph Collection: Memorabilia From Lillian Wilhelm Smith, Various Locations, 1906-1964
Collection : SHM Photographs
Personal Names
Smith, Lillian W.
Arru, Homer
Smith, Ned
Smith, Jo
Taylor, John H.
Grey, Dolly
Jones, Buffalo
Cody, Bill
Grey, Zane
Offield, Elizabeth
Flagler, J. H.
Smith, Jesse R.
Wright, Harold Bell
Wright, Winifred, P.
Hungerford, Edward
Hervey, Charles Bedell
Heard, Mrs. Dwight B.
Mayflower, Dessel
Devore, Elmer P.
Owens, Charles H.
Notes : Photographs; copies of newspaper articles; copies of letters;exhibit catalogs; original news clippings; sketches; original letters.