ID : 15940
Call Nbr : PB-159,F-001/3
Creator : Bate Studio
Title : Ford and Tribby Family Members, Correspondances, Geneology, Personal Artifacts, Records and Family History, Melbourne Australia, Paris, France, Prescott and Wolf Creek Arizona
Date of Photograph : 1874-1966
Collection : Ford Tribby Collection
Personal Names
Ford Family
Ford, Clara Beauchamp
Ford, George W.
Ford, Elsie Marian
Ford, Arizona "Zona"
Ford, Anna Mary "Annie"
Ford, Florence Cleveland
Ford, George Frederick
Beauchamp Family
Beauchamo, Horatio
Beauchamp, Henry
Beauchamp, Frederick
Beauchamp, Leonard
Beauchamp, Winifred
Beauchamp, Alice
Smith, Anna
Waterlong, George S.
Mix, Tom
Tribby Family
Tribby, Maurice B.
Greenwood Family
Greenwood, Elsie
Greenwood, Will
Michel Family
Goodwin Family
Guynup, Catherine Stewart
Melton, Jimmy, Jr.
Mather, Miss
Johnson, Clara
Jones, Lloyd
Haigler, Charlie
Trusler, Harry
Jones, Dudley
Gerard, Harry
Standage, Orpha
Ross, Stella
Stewart, Edith
Gibson, Leona
Creager, Jessie
Appleby, Alice
Brady, Brady
Harmon, Victoria
Snyder, Mary
Godwin, Grace
Haulot ?, Leona
Tom Mix
Film Making
Grand Canyon
Bright Angel Trail
Prescott High School
Montezuma Street, North
Park Avenue
Navy Ships
Tempe Normal School
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