ID : 15792
Call Nbr : PB-146,F-015/17
Title : Dick Robbins Family Members and Business, Prescott and Phoenix, Arizona.
Date of Photograph : C. 1880-C. 1920
Collection : SHM Photographs
Personal Names
Day, Warren, Dr.
Day, Dorothy
Day, Mary
Day, Warren, Jr.
Day, Vernon
Day, Christie
Day, Isabell
Day, Walter
Day, Hattie
Beach, Carolyn Day
Beach, Richard
Coby, Mrs.
Travis, Bill
Travis, Dorothy
Travis, Dorothy Day
Travis, Barbara
Travis, Nancy
Travis, George
Travis, Hester
Webster, Bob
Webster, Eleanor
Webster, Madlen
Fitzsimmons, George
Fitsimmons, Nancy Catherine Moss
Fitzsimmons, Eliza Pope
Fitzsimmons, Samuel V.
Fitzsimmons, Albert Pope
Fitzsimmons, George A.
Fitzsimmons, Jessie
Fitzsimmons, Orlando
Fitzsimmons, Fannie
Fitzsimmons, Will Mr.
Fitzsimmons, Will Mrs.
Fitzsimmons, Thomas
Robbins, Robert Allen
Robbins, Richard O.
Robbins, Virginia Allen Hite
Robbins, Robert M.
Robbins, Theodore Emmett
Robbins, Lois
Robbins, Lois
Robbins, Naomi
Robbins, James W.
Robbins, Hetty Allred
Robbins, Willis
Robbins, Mille
Davis, Sue
Davis, Walter
Davis, Walter
Davis, Maude
Hite, Catherine
Hite, Marion Francis
Hite, Fannie
Hite, Carry May
Hite, Rose
Hite, Virginia Allen
Hite, Cappy
Hite, Virgie
Hite, Nancy Catherine
Bozarth, Orville
Bozarth, Nancy Catherine Hite
Temple, Alice Hite Smothers
Keating, Mr.
Moss, Elizabeth Stevens
Moss, Charlotte
Moss, Marcellus
Walsch, Richard
Beach, Jack
Polly, Isabelle Christie
Polly, Connie
Gillis, Jack
Hines, Bob
Vernon, Christie
Coby, Sofie
Prescott School Class
Fire Fighting Equipment
Prescott Hose Team
City Cash Market
Publisher : Robbins, Dick Collection
Notes : 43 Images