ID : 15712
Call Nbr : PB-135,F-001/4A
Creator : Baer, Erwin Marceau, Theo C. Dijeau Swenvin; Elite Gallery Putnam Studio Gallup Studio
Title : Gilliam, Miller, Young, Cook Family, People, Places and Businesses in Prescott, Phoenix, Verde Valley, Kingman, Mayer, Arizona and Salt Lake, Utah.
Date of Photograph : Various Dates C. 1870 to 1981
Collection : SHM Photographs
Personal Names
Young, Mary Winifred Cook Weaver
Miller, Charlotte
Walter, James S.
Cook, Joseph Stacy
Cook, Johanna
Cook, Estella Bertha
Stewart, Estella Cook
Stewart, J.W. "Bill"
Stewart, Clarence
Stewart, Frank
Stewart, Bertha Cook
Stewart, Frances
Stewart, Stella
Cook, Charlotte Alice
Miller, James Arthur, Dr.
Cook, Arthur Stacy
Cook, Helen Stillwell
Weaver, Ebon Cook
Cook, James William
Cook, Serilda Miller
Cook, Jim
COok, Lilly
Cook, Fred
Cook, Donna
Cook, Herb
Cook, Dora
Cook, Charles Gideon
Cook, May Winifred
Cook, Jospeh Elmer
Cook, Leona Rhinehart
Young, Joseph Franklin
Young, Mary W.
Young, Charlotte
Bashford House
Montezuma Well
Brunswick Bar
Mayer State Bank
Veterans Foreign War Hall
Mayer Apartments
Penn Gold Mining Company
Photographic Gallery
Thorpe, Winnie Residence
Publisher : Gilliam,Charlotte Young Collection
Notes : 38 Images