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15196  Daniel Bork Photo Album including Bork Family, National Guard and Smoki in Prescott, Arizona, World War II Navy Service, Hawaii, US Territory.
3319AD-108P photo(s) availableTwo Billboards: "U. S. Defense Bonds;" "They Died With their Boots On", (Movie), Prescott, Arizona, April 27, 1942
9600BU-I-0266P photo(s) availableYavapai Associates (Chamber of Commerce) office in basement of Yavapai County Courthouse with display of World War II posters. C.1944
5401PB-002A,A-09  Album of Louis B. Price, S.L., and Prescott, Arizona, 1935-1946
8558PB-012A,F-003P  Miscellaneous photographs of "Nacho" During World War II, S.L., 1942-1945
15214PB-059,F-012  Tom Weil and Family, Honolulu, Hawaii Territory, Prescott, and Lake Powell, Arizona.
15748PB-142,F-010 photo(s) availableVarious Elementary, Junior High, and High School Scenes; Teachers, Adult Classes, Football Team, Orchestra, Classrooms, World War II Stamp Buying, Prescott, Arizona.
15883PB-149,F-016 photo(s) availableGrace Edson Family Members, People, Businesses, Scenes, Prescott, Arizona.
15886PB-150,F-001,I-010  World War II Army Officers Including Bill Puntenney, Julich, Germany.
15887PB-150,F-001,I-011  Cecil C. Overstreet in World War II Uniform with Son Prescott, Arizona.
15889PB-150,F-001,I-013/16  Portrait Henry and Dawn Dollard; Henry with World War II Airplane; Dawn working at Daily Journal, S.L.
15896PB-150,F-005  Welch, Watkins and Southcott Family Members, Residence, Prescott Scenes, Prescott, England, Las Vegas, Nevada, San Francisco and Porterville, California. Arizona.
15907PB-150,F-010,I-006/9  Alma Jo & Olen Stevens Family, S.L.
15920PB-150,F-014,I-004/6  Forrest Bacus, Jr. in Military and Engagement Party, Prescott, Arizona and Omaha, Nebraska.
15927PB-151,F-001,I-015  Steven Olen in World War II Uniform, S.L.

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