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15196  Daniel Bork Photo Album including Bork Family, National Guard and Smoki in Prescott, Arizona, World War II Navy Service, Hawaii, US Territory.
3319AD-108P photo(s) availableTwo Billboards: "U. S. Defense Bonds;" "They Died With their Boots On", (Movie), Prescott, Arizona, April 27, 1942
9600BU-I-0266P photo(s) availableYavapai Associates (Chamber of Commerce) office in basement of Yavapai County Courthouse with display of World War II posters. C.1944
1652C-122P photo(s) availableGrave of William F. Stewart, at unknown location, N.D.
2968MIL-213P photo(s) availableWorld War I sailors, Prescott, Arizona, C.1920
2993MIL-226P photo(s) availableSupply Company 127, S. L., 1918
3015MIL-236P photo(s) availableWorld War I Soldiers, S.L., C.1918
3028MIL-244P  Field Inspection, 109th Field Signal Battalian, 34th Division, Camp Cody, New Mexico, July 1918
3030MIL-246P  Officers of the 209th Prov. Battalion, LeMans, France, 1919
3037MIL-248P  8th United States Regiment of Infantry Machine Gun Company, S.L., July 1919
3041MIL-249P  119th Infantry, South Carolina, March 8, 1918
15282MISC-289P  World War I, Arrival of the Dakota with the R.R. Engineers
3279PA-102P photo(s) availableWWI Era Parade, Prescott, Arizona
3569PA-120P photo(s) availableFire Department Entry, Armistice Day Parade, Prescott, Arizona, November 1918
3601PA-135P photo(s) availableWorld War I Celebrations and Parades, Prescott, Arizona, C.1918

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