IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
489BU-B-8018P photo(s) availableJ. W. Wilson Clothing Store, Corner Gurley & Montezuma Streets, Prescott, Arizona, C.1903
670BU-H-7003P photo(s) availableSherman House and J. W. Wilson Company, Goodwin Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1883
687BU-H-7018P photo(s) availableSt. Michael's Hotel, Montezuma Street, Prescott, Arizona, c.1910
12452PB-057,A-02,I-021P  Line-up of rodeo hands including Frank and Bonnie McCarrol, Ruth Roach, Walter Haycock, Jerry Fox, Hastings- Wilson, N.D.
12480PB-057,A-02,I-033P  Fay Ward's grandmother, Cherokee, Iowa, N.D.
15663PB-131,F-006  Baehr, Wilson and Weaver Family Phpotgraphs, Prescott, Arizona.
4200PO-0683P photo(s) availableWeaver Family, Prescott, Arizona, 1881
4969PO-1500P photo(s) availableGeorge Wilson and Joseph Wilson, Logansport, Indiana, 1890s
4970PO-1501P photo(s) availableJoe Wilson, Prescott, Arizona, C.1900
4985PO-1516P photo(s) availableJ. W. Wilson, Prescott, Arizona, 1880s
5071PO-1584P photo(s) availableGorham Bray and Joe Wilson, Prescott, Arizona, 1880s
15121PO-2582P  Ben H. Weaver Family, Prescott, Arizona.
15324ROD-146P  Rodeo Events at Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo, Presott, Arizona.

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