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1396BU-B-8247P photo(s) availableRuffner Funeral Home, Cortez St., Prescott, Arizona. Former home of ED Wells, C.1940
1075BU-BA-3004P photo(s) availableBank of Arizona Interior, Prescott, Arizona, C.1880
14168BU-RE-4252P photo(s) availablePainting of Edmund W. Wells Residence at corner of Cortez and Carlton Streets, Prescott, Arizona,
9215PB-017A,F-005,75-724NP  Rephoto of Edmund Wells Photograph, Prescott, Arizona, 1950s
15191PB-027,F-005  Banghart-Wells-Rice Family Photos, S.L.
15671PB-132,F-005,I-001/10  Heap, Wells and Banghart Family Members, Prescott, Arizona.
15672PB-132,F-006,I-001/12 photo(s) availableWells, Heap and Banghart Family Members, Prescott, Arizona.
5094PO-1233.1P photo(s) availableJudge Edmund William Wells, S.L., 1929
5093PO-1233P photo(s) availableFrank Parker, Eddie Wells, and Alvin Haskell, S.L., 1870s
9588PO-2502P photo(s) availableEdmund W. Wells C.1920

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