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873BU-B-8092P photo(s) availableRuffners Funeral Home, Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1935
1396BU-B-8247P photo(s) availableRuffner Funeral Home, Cortez St., Prescott, Arizona. Former home of ED Wells, C.1940
1075BU-BA-3004P photo(s) availableBank of Arizona Interior, Prescott, Arizona, C.1880
1912BU-I-0260P photo(s) availableE. W. Wells residence, decorated for wedding of daugher Helen, Prescott, Arizona, 1894
1145BU-RA-2127P photo(s) availableWilliam J. Wells Ranch, Chino Valley, Arizona, 1968
1068BU-RE-4052P photo(s) availableE. W. Wells Residence, Prescott, Arizona, C.1900
14168BU-RE-4252P photo(s) availablePainting of Edmund W. Wells Residence at corner of Cortez and Carlton Streets, Prescott, Arizona,
14169BU-RE-4253P  Painting of Birthplace of Helen and Elmer Wells unidentified location in Prescott, Arizona. C.1870
1675CI-TN-101P photo(s) availableMr. & Mrs. S. Schwenberger and Mr. Richardson at Trading Post, Indian Wells, Arizona, C.1890
1746CI-TN-264P photo(s) availableCapt. J. A. Moore, Proprieter, Sgt. Guirhart, Operator, and unidentified men at telegraph office, Maricopa Wells, Arizona, 1874
3446CI-TN-388P photo(s) availableRose (Rowe's) Well, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, C.1925
3089M-294P photo(s) availableDedication of new shaft of Great Peck Mine, Yavapai County, Arizona, September 3, 1903
6448PB-001,A-01 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Historic Houses and Buildings, Prescott, Arizona, 1978
8579PB-014,F-001,75-086NP  Linda Joy Wells at five years of age, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
9141PB-017,F-007,75-649NP  Eva Wells as a child, Prescott, Arizona, 1953

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