IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
2463IN-W-1901P photo(s) availableWalapai women, S.L., C.1885
2464IN-W-1902P photo(s) availableGroups of Walapai men, S.L., C.1880
2465IN-W-1903P.A photo(s) availableWalapai Charlie in front of his dwelling, S.L., C.1880
2466IN-W-1903P.B photo(s) availableWalapai Charlie with wives and friends, S.L., 1891
2468IN-W-1904.1P photo(s) availableChief Walapai Charlie, Kingman, Arizona, C.1900
2467IN-W-1904P photo(s) availableWalapai man and woman, S.L., C.1880
2469IN-W-1905P photo(s) availableIndian funeral, Hackberry, Arizona, 1929

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