IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
418FI-142PA-D  Firemen in First Uniforms; Prescott, Arizona, C.1915
2878MIL-184P photo(s) availableHelmeted Officer at Fort Whipple, Prescott, Arizona, 1890
2848MIL-195.1P photo(s) availableUnidentified soldier in Civil War uniform, S.L., C.1865
6573PB-003,77-194.0038P  Harvey Helm, S.L., C.1918
6893PB-004,77-169.0234P  Val Barnes United States Navy, S.L., 1940s
6619PB-004A,F-007P  Portraits and wedding photos, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
9291PB-018,F-009,I-001P photo(s) availableJ. H. Misner in Spanish American War uniform, S.L., 1898
16261PB-022A,F-025,I-008AP photo(s) availableLittle League ball team in Barrows Furniture uniforms, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
12349PB-057,A-01,I-008P  Fay Ward and Clabe Donnley in army uniforms, Camp Cody, New Mexico, 1918
12560PB-057,A-02,I-119P  Walker Durham and unidentified man in World War I uniforms, S.L., C.1918
13409PB-082,F-003,I-010CP  Prescott Drum and Bugle Corps in new uniforms, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
14601PB-088,F-005,I-006P photo(s) availableUnidentified Black Man in Uniform with Hat That Says, "Hermitage," 1890s.
15845PB-148,F-002  Lange Family Members at Ranch Home, Prescott, Arizona.
15854PB-148,F-013  Born Family Collection and Places, Prescott and Constellation, Arizona.
15907PB-150,F-010,I-006/9  Alma Jo & Olen Stevens Family, S.L.

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