IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
16066DB-641 photo(s) availableGeorge U. Young Collection
2529LA-128P photo(s) availableApache Trail, Superstition Mountains, Pinal County, Arizona, C.1920
2644LA-236P photo(s) availableSuperstition Mountains and desert, Arizona, N.D.
9370PB-020,F-010,I-007P  Superstition Mountains, 1950
12689PB-057,A-04,I-001/10P  Working wild cattle trapped in brush corral, Superstition Mountains, Arizona, 1920s
12690PB-057,A-04,I-011/78P  Superstition Mountains, Arizona, 1945
12692PB-057,A-04,I-080/84P  Miner's Needle and Weaver's Needle, Superstition Mountains, Arizona, 1945
13201PB-077,F-008,I-003AP  Superstition Mountains, Pinal County, Arizona, C.1911
15833PB-147,F-020  People, Places, Cultural and Tourism Sites in Arizona.
15997PB-165 photo(s) availableCeleste Rothenberger McGrew Family Members, Landscapes and Cityscapes, Prescott, Jerome, McNAry, Clarkdale, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oregon and Coaastal Northern California.
16250PB-168,F-009 photo(s) availableTrip to Indian Cave and Superstition Mountains, 1908
4157PO-0543P  E. M. Reavis, Hermit of the Superstition Mountains, S.L., 1880s

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