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15479PB-109,F-002/03  Various Rodeo Scenes in Prescott, Arizona and Nearby K-4 Ranch.
15540PB-130,F-001,I-003P  Top Bronc Riders, Prescott, Arizona.
15468PB-130,F-009,I-009P  Group of Rodeo Officials
15242PB-130,F-011,I-008P  Tom, Ivan and Mike Stuart, Calvin and George Goswick, Prescott, Arizona
15649PB-130,F-014,I-011P  Tom Bride and Mike Stuart on Horseback, Prescott, Arizona.
15658PB-131,F-001  Various People, Parade and Rodeo Scenes, Prescott, Arizona.
6108ROD-124P  Mike Stuart riding "Bill McAdoo", Pendelton, Oregon, 1926
15324ROD-146P  Rodeo Events at Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo, Presott, Arizona.

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