IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
494BU-B-8010P photo(s) availableMaier Corner Saloon, Corner Gurley & Granite Streets, Prescott, Arizona, C.1880
489BU-B-8018P photo(s) availableJ. W. Wilson Clothing Store, Corner Gurley & Montezuma Streets, Prescott, Arizona, C.1903
872BU-B-8052P photo(s) availableStewart Family Shoe Store, Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1970
177BU-B-8055A-B  M. Goldwater & Bro. Store; Prescott, Arizona, C.1890
592BU-B-8069P photo(s) availableCorner Granite and Goodwin Streets, Prescott, Arizona, 1890
596BU-B-8072P photo(s) availablePrescott National Bank, Cortez and Gurley Streets, Prescott, Arizona, C.1909
395BU-B-8072PA-B  Masonic Temple; Prescott, Arizona, 1909;1940
871BU-B-8079P photo(s) availableEagle Drug Store, Gurley, Street, Prescott, Arizona, c.1950
884BU-B-8117P photo(s) availableGoldwater Store Corner Cortez and Willis Streets, Prescott, Arizona, 1974
533BU-B-8220P photo(s) availableKelly and Stephens Clothing Store, Corner Gurley and Montezuma Streets, Prescott, Arizona, C.1895
10711BU-B-8325P photo(s) availableBashford Block on corner of Burley and Cortez Streets showing Eagle Drugstore and Yavapai Savings, 1977
15087BU-B-8338P photo(s) availablePrescott Electric Company Near Sheldon and McCormick Streets, Prescott, Arizona.
16181BU-BA-3011P photo(s) availableBank of Arizona, Prescott, Arizona, c. 1890
659BU-G-0521P photo(s) availableCurtis Hall on McCormick Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1940
663BU-G-0525P photo(s) availableYavapai County Courthouse, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930

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