IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
16198CI-TN-387P photo(s) availableJerome, Arizona Street Scenes, 1935
8348PB-006,I-001P photo(s) availablePark Avenue, Prescott, Arizona, C.1911
15181PB-010,F-011 photo(s) availableViews of Post Office, Sacred Heart Church, Granite Dells Railroads, and Hotels in Prescott, Arizona.
15182PB-011,F-005/006/007 photo(s) availableKuhne Family photographs Including Portraits, Homes, Businesses, Prescott, Arizona.
15183PB-011,F-008 photo(s) availableS.R. "Dick" Allan Family Members and views of Prescott, Arizona.
11029PB-026,A-06,I-030P  Street scenes, Clarkdale, Arizona, 1930s
14255PB-105,F-003,I-001P  Stores and Businesses, a Mid-Winter Carnival, Street Scenes, Phoenix, Arizona, C.1895
14692PB-109,F-008,I-002/5P  Street Scenes, Prescott, Arizona, C.1922.
16449PB-174,F-001/015 photo(s) availablePrescott street scenes, Prescott, Arizona, c. 1975 - 1985

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