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9844PB-021,F-041,I-001P photo(s) availableHarold James on horseback at Bill Simon's Corral, S.L., 1955
9845PB-021,F-041,I-2&4P  Mrs. Bill Simon on horseback, S.L., 1955
10304PB-022,F-077,I-004P  Bill Simon at "La Fiesta de los Vaqueros," Tucson, Arizona, 1954
10327PB-022,F-079,I-003P  Bill Simon on "Mousetrap," Prescott, Arizona, 1954
15538PB-130,F-001,I-001P  Bill Simon, Yavapai County Rancher, S.L.
5175PO-1603P photo(s) availableBill Simon, cowboy and horse trainer, S.L., 1967
15600PO-2610P  Portrait of Bill Simon, S.L.

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