IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
1607BU-S-5002P photo(s) availableIron King School Children, 1903
1609BU-S-5011P photo(s) availableHavasupai Indian School, C.1890
1610BU-S-5022P photo(s) availableJefferson School, C.1930
1611BU-S-5030P photo(s) availableVerde School - Upper, with Students and Teachers, C.1890
1612BU-S-5031P photo(s) availableVerde School, Lower, with Students, C.1870
1613BU-S-5040P photo(s) availableWalker School Children with Agnes Parry, Teacher, C.1902
1614BU-S-5041P photo(s) availableFowler District Number 45 School, C.1900
1615BU-S-5061P photo(s) availableBeaver Creek School, C.1920
1616BU-S-5078P photo(s) availableGrand Canyon College, C.1930

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