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594BU-B-8071P photo(s) availableU.S. Visitors Station, Walnut Canyon, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1906
804BU-C-1022P photo(s) availablePecos Church Ruins, C.1870
1002BU-RA-2044P photo(s) availableOrchard Ranch Ruins, Mayer, Arizona, 1969
1155BU-RA-2142P photo(s) availableWoolsey Ranch Ruins. Dewey, Arizona, C.1930
1336BU-RE-4136P photo(s) availableJohn Lee residence ruins, Lee's Ferry, Arizona, 1920s
1238BU-RE-4181P photo(s) availableJohn Dillon residence, Simmons, Arizona, 1920s
3322BU-RE-4270P photo(s) availableAllegedly ruins of Henry Wickenburg's cabin, Wickenburg, Arizona, June 11, 1923
1645BU-ST-6003P photo(s) availableOatman Flat Stage Station ruins, C.1910
1849CI-TN-162P photo(s) availableLa Paz Ruins, La Paz, Arizona, C.1910
1818CI-TN-191P photo(s) availableRuins of Ehrenburg, Arizona, C.1920
1728CI-TN-245P photo(s) availableRuins of Tubac, Arizona, C.1910
1739CI-TN-257P photo(s) availableRuins of Charleston, Arizona, C.1920
1759CI-TN-278P photo(s) availableRuins of Drake, Arizona, September 1955
16462CI-TN-327P photo(s) availableRuins & surrounding areas, La Paz, Arizona, C.1910
2159IN-PR-1402 P.E  View from Montezuma Well looking down Beaver Creek, Arizona, C.1880

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