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3324AN-002P photo(s) available"Sure Shot," Sheriff George Ruffner's horse, S.L., 1890s
14911BU-I-0267P photo(s) availableAlbert Williams Working in George Ruffner's Blacksmith Shop, Prescot, Arizona, C.1890.
2745FT-136P photo(s) availableRuffner freight teams in freight yard, Prescott, Arizona C.1890
2070H-104P  Hanging of Fleming Parker, Prescott, Arizona, 1897
8708PB-014,F-014,75-218NP  George Ruffner, Prescott, Arizona, 1947
13108PB-074,F-002,I-002P  The George Ruffner Family, Prescott, Arizona, May 10, 1964
14947PB-126,F-003,I-006P  George C. Ruffner, Prescott, Arizona.
4135PO-0522P photo(s) availableGeorge C. Ruffner, Sheriff of Yavapai County, Prescott, Arizona, May 1897
5350PO-1833P photo(s) availableSheriff George Ruffner and deputies, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
5735PO-2236P photo(s) availableGeorge Ruffner shortly before his death, 1933
5738PO-2239P  George C. and Molly Ruffner in buggy, S.L., 1890s
5908PO-2416P photo(s) availableGeorge Ruffner and Tom Taylor, S.L., C.1910
6385T-172P photo(s) availableStagecoach from George Ruffner Livery Stables in front of Groom Creek stage station and saloon, Groom Creek, Arizona, C.1895.
3359T-202P photo(s) availableCrash of the Yankee Doodle airplane in the Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona, November 3, 1928

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