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2971MIL-216P photo(s) availablePresident Theodore Roosevelt with Indian whose brother was killed in Spanish American War, S.L., C.1900
2972MIL-217P photo(s) availableColonel Theodore Roosevelt greeting the Rough Riders, S.L., C.1898
3017MIL-238P photo(s) availableMiscellaneous photos of the Rough Riders; some with President Theodore Roosevelt and James H. McClintock, S.L., C.1901
8706PB-014,F-014,75-216NP photo(s) availableTheodore Roosevelt, Leonard Wood, and Lieutenant Brody, S.L., 1898
13211PB-077,F-009,I-002AP  President Theodore Roosevelt, Mesa, Arizona, C.1911
13217PB-077,F-009,I-005AP  President Theodore Roosevelt, Mesa, Arizona, 1911
14666PB-108,F-006P  Unidentified Album of Tuba City School, Moenkopi Village, Indian Dancers, Oraibi, and Walnut Canyon, Arizona, C.1913.
3629PO-0122P photo(s) availablePresident Theodore Roosevelt and Governor A. O. Brodie at Grand Canyon, Arizona, C.1900; portrait of Major A. O. Brodie, S.L., N.D.
4164PO-0549P  Theodore Roosevelt, S.L., 1912
4312PO-0597P photo(s) availableColonel Theodore Roosevelt in Uniform, S.L., C. 1898
4295PO-0773P photo(s) availableTheodore Roosevelt, S.L., C.1910
5356PO-1839P photo(s) availableJoe Drew, S.L., 1890s
5716PO-2213P  Teddy Roosevelt, S.L., 1890s
5734PO-2232P photo(s) availableTheodore Roosevelt and unidentified group, S.L., C.1905
5862PO-2367P  President Theodore Roosevelt, S.L., 1890s

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