IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
3597O-107P photo(s) availableBrodie's Cadets, Prescott, Arizona, C.1900
14460PB-117,F-001P photo(s) availableF. W. Foster Family and Friends on Auto Outings, Prescott, Arizona, 1912-1916.
15883PB-149,F-016 photo(s) availableGrace Edson Family Members, People, Businesses, Scenes, Prescott, Arizona.
4508PO-1016.1P photo(s) availableCharles Robb as a child, S.L. 1890s
4507PO-1016P photo(s) availableFiorello La Guardia, Charles Robb, S.L., 1930s
6135S-115P photo(s) availableCharles Robb performing Snake Dance, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
6527XPO-2491P  Portrait of Charles Robb C.1969

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