IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
1952DAM-125P photo(s) availableLaguna Dam, California side of Colorado River, C.1920
2505LA-104P photo(s) availableVarious photographs of the Verde River and Verde Valley, Arizona, N.D.
2507LA-107P photo(s) availableVerde River, Clarkdale, Arizona, C.1930
2513LA-113P photo(s) availableColorado River and Lee's Ferry, Arizona, C.1880
2518LA-118P photo(s) availableRocky Canyon on the Black River, Arizona, C.1880
2814LA-138P.A  Canyon of the Hassayampa River, March 23, 1894
2543LA-138P.B-S photo(s) availableScenes at and near Lee's Ferry, Arizona, C.1935
2568LA-159P photo(s) availableHassayampa River near Prescott, Arizona, c.1910
2598LA-164P.J  Grand Canyon, Arizona, C.1900
2605LA-188P photo(s) availableOak Creek and Verde River, Yavapai County, Arizona, C.1890
2628LA-220P.A  Gila Canyon, Arizona, C.1890
2629LA-220P.B  Gila River below San Carlos, Arizona, C.1890
2646LA-240P photo(s) availableSalt River in flood, S.L., N.D.
2651LA-243P photo(s) availableVerde River near Sedona and Camp Verde, Arizona, C.1920
2670LA-259P  Unidentified river with steel bridge, S.L., N.D.

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