IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
3900O-143P photo(s) availableYavapai Cattle Growers, S. L., 1950s
10379PB-022,F-083,I-010P photo(s) availableTom Rigden, Norman Fain, at Rigden Ranch, Kirkland, Arizona, 1954
9730PB-022A,F-001,I-005P photo(s) availableBud Brown and Tom Rigden, S.L., 1952
5079PO-1593P photo(s) availableTom Rigden, Roy Cowden, and Budge Ruffner, S.L., 1973
5080PO-1594P photo(s) availableTom Rigden, S.L., 1966
3403RA-144P photo(s) availableRange scene, Rigden G Spear Ranch, Kirkland, Arizona, 1967

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