IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
873BU-B-8092P photo(s) availableRuffners Funeral Home, Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1935
500BU-B-8231PA,B photo(s) availableRex Arms on Gurley Street and Maple Apartments (Former Oliver Residence) on Summit Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1925
1541BU-I-0238P photo(s) availableUnidentified residences showing parlor and hall area, interior, C.1890
1199BU-RE-4087P photo(s) availableResidences on the 100 block of South Mt. Vernon St., Prescott Arizona, c.1930
1303BU-RE-4098P photo(s) availableResidences Unidentified, Country Club Drive, Prescott, Arizona, 1930
1334BU-RE-4134P photo(s) availableWhipple V.A. residences, Prescott, Arizona, 1920s
1213BU-RE-4157P photo(s) availableResidences Park Ave, unidentified, Prescott, Arizona, 1930
1253BU-RE-4196P photo(s) availableResidences unidentified, Prescott, Arizona, 1920s
16157BU-RE-4266P photo(s) availableResidences at 200 block of S. Mt. Vernon, Prescott, Arizona, c.1900
1802CI-TN-170P photo(s) availableCatholic Church and Residences, Jerome, Arizona, 1915
1882CI-TN-330P photo(s) availableHotel & Residences, Morenci, Arizona, C.1900
16220DB-107,F-004,I-05,6 photo(s) availableKate T. Cory's House in Idylwild, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
8570PB-012A,F-005,I-012P  Residences, Prescott, Arizona, (?), 1920s
11208PB-032,A-02,I-019AP  Residences, Poland, Arizona, C.1908
11567PB-039,A-04P  Jack and Georgia Aitken, family and residences, Prescott and Phoenix, Arizona, 1920-1940

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