IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
15842  Estelle Blair Bjerg Family Photos, Places People, Buildings, Vehicles, Archaeology, Parades, Scenery in Buckhorn Station, Hayden, Groom Creek, and Flagstaff, Arizona.
15500DB-173,F-010  Cattle Ranching on CV Ranch in Big Chino Valley, Arizona.
9795PB-020,F-035,I-006P  Paul Wright Ranch Headquarters, S.L., 1965
11004PB-026,A-03,P-01/28P photo(s) availableYavapai County ranching activities and animals, including cattle, horses, mules, sheep, and pigs, C.1920
13309PB-084,F-004,I-002P photo(s) availableAlbum of family photos and ranching scenes, Prescott, Arizona, N.D.
14032PB-134,I-006/11 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Miscellaneous photos from Prescott area including: woman on horse show jumping; Smoki people; ranching, city of Prescott; Arizona from Southeast; and 1949 Queen of the Salad Bowl, Pat Bost (Oppelt)
15711PB-134,I-006/12  Various Views of People and Places in Prescott, Arizona
15717PB-136,F-001  Tom Bate, Unidentified Cowboys, Landscapes, Northern Arizona Lake, Cattle Round Up, Hopi Indians, Indians Ruins, Prescott, Arizona and S.L.
15718PB-136,F-002  Various Ranching, Rodeo, Parade and Businesses in Phoenix and S.L.
15835PB-147,F-022  Businesses, Rodeo, Parades, Ranching and Scenary, Granite Dells, Prescott and Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona.
15875PB-149,F-011 photo(s) availableCharles Ward Ranch, Rimrock, Arizona.
15880PB-149,F-014  Christopherson Family and Friends Collection, Prescott and Skull Valley, Arizona.
15912PB-150,F-012,I-001/6  Denny Family Members, Fort Rock Ranch, Yavapai County, Seligman Area Arizona.
15914PB-150,F-012,I-009A/K  Scenes of P Bar Ranch on Milk Creek, Yavapai County, Arizona.
15964PB-164,F-017 photo(s) availableGene Smith Cattle Gathering, Yolo Ranch, Yavapi County, Arizona

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