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1918BU-RA-2036P photo(s) availableOrchard Ranch, home of Sharlot M. Hall, Mayer, Arizona, C.1890
1919BU-RA-2077P photo(s) availableWilliam Denny Ranch, Walnut Creek, Arizona, 1967
1920BU-RA-2099P  T. K. Bar Ranch, Walnut Grove Area, Arizona, 1943
1921BU-RA-2129P photo(s) availableOrchard Ranch windmill, Mayer, Arizona, C.1920
11004PB-026,A-03,P-01/28P photo(s) availableYavapai County ranching activities and animals, including cattle, horses, mules, sheep, and pigs, C.1920
13434PB-080,F-001,I-002/15P  Round-up and branding, Perkinsville, Arizona, 1920s
15673PB-132,F-007,I-001/9A photo(s) availableNavajo Bridge over Marble Canyon at Lee's Ferry, Arizona; Railway Stock Yards at Mayer, Arizona; School in Mayer, Arizona; Blue Bell Mine Yavapai County, Arizona; Views of Mayer Arizona.
14032PB-134,I-006/11 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Miscellaneous photos from Prescott area including: woman on horse show jumping; Smoki people; ranching, city of Prescott; Arizona from Southeast; and 1949 Queen of the Salad Bowl, Pat Bost (Oppelt)
15938PB-157 photo(s) availableSlides, Negatives and Album of People, Nature, Landscapes and Places in Prescott, Arizona and Around the State.
15947PB-163  People and Scenary Wyoming, Capitol Reef, Utah, Skull Valley, Granite Dells and Prescott Valley, Ariziona.
3375RA-105P photo(s) availableChuck wagon, S.L., C.1900
3405RA-146P photo(s) availableDinner camp at Barlow-Massick Ranch, Lynx Creek, Yarapai County, Arizona, 1891

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