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1371BR-108P photo(s) availableRailroad Bridges at Limestone Canyon, C.1900
1372BR-109P photo(s) availableJohnson Canyon Railroad Bridge and Tunnel Near Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1910
1373BR-110P photo(s) availableHells Canyon Bridge and Canyon Diablo Bridge, 1890s to 1930s
1386BR-122P photo(s) availableHighway and Railroad Bridge over Colorado River, Blythe, California, June 1932
1387BR-123P photo(s) availableRailroad Bridge, Location Unknown, N.D.
1391BR-128P photo(s) availableEhrenberg Railroad Bridge, Arizona C.1910
614BU-B-8027PA photo(s) availableYavapai Club with Street Car on Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1906
1707CI-TN-131P photo(s) availableAtchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad Turntable, Poland, Arizona, C.1908
1792CI-TN-227P photo(s) availableRailroad bridge, Tempe, Arizona, C.1890
1825CI-TN-328P photo(s) availableClose-up of railroad yard, hotel, & department store, Morenci, Arizona, C.1915
1888CI-TN-336P photo(s) availableSmall locomotive used to haul ore from mines, Congress, Arizona, 1824
15373CI-TN-372P photo(s) availableTown of Huron, Arizona on the Prescott and Eastern Railroad, 1902
2621LA-203P photo(s) availableRailroad tracks through Granite Dells, Prescott, Arizona, C.1900
15181PB-010,F-011 photo(s) availableViews of Post Office, Sacred Heart Church, Granite Dells Railroads, and Hotels in Prescott, Arizona.
15182PB-011,F-005/006/007 photo(s) availableKuhne Family photographs Including Portraits, Homes, Businesses, Prescott, Arizona.

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