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9312PB-020,F-004,I-028P  Governor Howard Pyle, Bill Bomdon, and Frank Moore, S.L., C.1951
9313PB-020,F-004,I-029P photo(s) availableGovernor Howard Pyle, John Babbitt, the Reverend Bartlett, O. Hazelwood, and Mayor Beuniler, S.L., C.1951
9329PB-020,F-006,I-005P  Governor Howard Pyle, F. Snell, and Bob Logan, S.L., 1951
10367PB-022,F-082,I-010P  Governor Howard Pyle at calf sale, S.L., 1954
10372PB-022,F-083,I-003P  Governor Howard Pyle, Dorothy Rosenberg at calf sale picnic, Prescott, Arizona, 1954
9745PB-022A,F-002,I-010P  Frank Snell, Lee TePoel, Maurice O'Neill, and Governor Howard Pyle, stock show, Tucson, Arizona, 1953

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