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15745  Interior and Exterior Views of School Classrooms, and Students, Prescott, Arizona.
1471BU-I-0169P photo(s) availableWashington School, interior, showing Lena Hartfield, teacher, Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, February, 1916
1534BU-I-0231P photo(s) availablePrescott High School cooking classroom, interior, Prescott, Arizona, C.1920
15757PB-010,F-012  Prescott High School Band Member Portraits, Prescott, Arizona.
10655PB-023,F-005,I-001/1AP photo(s) availableWashington School playground with children and Superintendent W.D. Baker, Prescott, Arizona, C.1909
10656PB-023,F-005,I-002/2AP  High school during construction, Prescott, Arizona, C.1900
11008PB-026,A-06,I-001P  Washington School with large group of men standing in front, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930
10575PB-029,A-04,I-002P  Miller Valley School, Prescott, Arizona, 1920s
10577PB-029,A-04,I-003CP  Washington School, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
10574PB-029,A-05,I-001P photo(s) availableWashington School, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
15004PB-127,F-002,I-006  Washington School, Prescott, Arizona.
15742PB-142,F-004  Unidentified School Personnel, View of Prescott High School Blue Print, Interiors, Exteriors, and Students, PRescott, Arizona.
15743PB-142,F-005 photo(s) availablePrescott High School Class Board Members, Old Auditorium, and Aerial View of Prescott, Arizona.
15744PB-142,F-006 photo(s) availableInterior Classrooms, Hendrix Auditorium, Kindergarten, Students, Majorette and Marching Girls, Teachers, Christmas Tree, Holiday Scenes, Prescott, Arizona.
15746PB-142,F-008  Various School Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Students in Prescott, Arizona.

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