IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
8266PB-008,76-297P  Train used by William Jennings Bryan in presidential campaign against William H. Taft, S.L., 1907
10953PB-025,A-03,I-017/76P photo(s) availableSmoki Ceremonial Dances, Prescott, Arizona, C.1920
10531PB-029,A-03,I-004P  Calvin Coolidge, Grace M. Sparkes, and unidentified man, Washington, D.C., 1920s
13211PB-077,F-009,I-002AP  President Theodore Roosevelt, Mesa, Arizona, C.1911
13217PB-077,F-009,I-005AP  President Theodore Roosevelt, Mesa, Arizona, 1911
14471PB-119,F-012,I-008P  William McKinley,, on Visit to Congress Mine, Congress, Arizona, May 7, 1901.
15558PB-130,F-002,I-010P  Charles Sampson, Champion Bull Rider, with President Ronald Regan, Washington, D.C.
15797PB-146,F-020  Merritt Family Photographs, Prescott, Tucson and Ashfork, Arizona.
15808PB-146,F-029 photo(s) availableIndividual and Group Family Members, School, Wagon Works and Residence, Prescott, Arizona.
15996PB-164,F-044C photo(s) availableWilliam Loy Family, Bristow Family and Hawkins Famliy, Buckeye, Ash Creek, Prescott, Red Rock, Grand Canyon, Jerome, Coottonwood, Verde Valley, Bisbee, Phoenix, Arizona.
4164PO-0549P  Theodore Roosevelt, S.L., 1912
4295PO-0773P photo(s) availableTheodore Roosevelt, S.L., C.1910
5716PO-2213P  Teddy Roosevelt, S.L., 1890s
5734PO-2232P photo(s) availableTheodore Roosevelt and unidentified group, S.L., C.1905
5862PO-2367P  President Theodore Roosevelt, S.L., 1890s

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