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2349IN-PE-1206P photo(s) availableAnasazi Pictograph near Camp Verde, Arizona, N.D.
2350IN-PE-1207P photo(s) availablePrehistoric Inscription Rock near Springerville, Arizona, C.1928
2106IN-PE-1208P.E photo(s) availablePictographs, S.L. N.D.
2353IN-PE-1209P photo(s) availableThe Mysterious Painted Rocks, S.L., (Arizona), C.1890
2107IN-PE-1209P.A photo(s) availablePictographs, S.L., C.1890
15884PB-150,A-1  Album of Petroglyhs and Pictographs, S.L.; Monument Valley and Oraibi Arizona; Businesses in Prescott, Arizona.

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