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11630235P  Various views of the grounds and buildings at the Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott, Arizona, C.1993
14567238P  Sharlot Hall Museum buildings including: Governor's Mansion, Fort Misery, Fremont House, School House and Ranch House. Prescott, Arizona C.1977.
15080AD-103P  Bates Studio Price List of Photo Finishing.
10713AD-105P photo(s) availableBillboard for Prescott County Club near Salome, Arizona with phrase "Californians Love It." C.1983
3361AN-004P photo(s) available"Zeb," a pet cat, S.L., August, 1889
11626AN-018P  A young deer tethered on a farm C.1885 S.L.
1364BR-101P photo(s) availableLynx Creek Bridge (WPA Project). Old Black Canyon Road, Aug 5, 1936
1370BR-107P photo(s) availableBridge in Oak Creek Canyon, C.1930
1371BR-108P photo(s) availableRailroad Bridges at Limestone Canyon, C.1900
1372BR-109P photo(s) availableJohnson Canyon Railroad Bridge and Tunnel Near Ash Fork, Arizona, C.1910
1373BR-110P photo(s) availableHells Canyon Bridge and Canyon Diablo Bridge, 1890s to 1930s
1377BR-114P photo(s) availableCovered Bridge over Hassayampa River near Senator Mine, 1880 - 1920's
1379BR-116P photo(s) availableVerde River Bridge at Perkinsville, Arizona, 1936
1381BR-117P photo(s) availableKaibab Trail Bridge over Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona, C.1930
1385BR-121P photo(s) availableOak Creek Canyon Bridge, Old and New, Sedona, Arizona C.1930

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