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3352AN-003P photo(s) availablePet deer, Prescott, Arizona, 1930s
3361AN-004P photo(s) available"Zeb," a pet cat, S.L., August, 1889
3343AN-007P photo(s) availableCamp and dogs of James Cash, S.L., 1888
3320AN-009P photo(s) available"Watch", a dog belonging to Sharlot M. Hall, S.L., 1920s
3369MISC-149P  Sharlot Hall's pet deer, S.L., 1930s
11045PB-026,A-07,I-075/80P  Miscellaneous photos of pets and wildlife in and near Prescott, Arizona, C.1936
11217PB-032,A-02,I-027P  Mona, Francis, and Valda Henderson and Mildred Johnston with their pets, Poland, Arizona, N.D.
11525PB-038,A-01,I-010P  Garland Connell and "Beasty," Prescott, Arizona, C.1914
11526PB-038,A-01,I-011BP  Roberta Connell with "Wylott" and burro, Poland Junction, 1916
11527PB-038,A-01,I-011CP  Bob Cartmell, Roberta Connell, and "Wylott" on horseback, Poland Junction, Arizona, 1916
11528PB-038,A-01,I-011DP  Donald Rees with "Wylott" and her puppies, Cottonwood, Arizona, 1919
11530PB-038,A-01,I-012BP  Winnie Connell Cartmell and Donald Reese, with "Wylott," Cottonwood, Arizona, June 1919
11531PB-038,A-01,I-012CP  Estelle Cyra with "Wylott" and her puppies, Jerome, Arizona, C.1922
11532PB-038,A-01,I-013/14P  Winnie and Bob Cartmell, Wylott, burros, and kitten at A&A Mine, Jerome, Arizona, C.1923
11548PB-038,A-01,I-017AP  Bob Cartmell and "Wylott," Hillside, Arizona, 1924

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