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9848PB-021,F-041,I-006P  Kay Dutzel and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Perner, S.L., 1955
9850PB-021,F-041,I-008P  Mesdames Bob Kieckhefer, M. Culley, and Ross Perner, Jr., at Pine Cone Inn, Prescott, Arizona, 1955
9853PB-021,F-041,I-011P  Lonnie McFadden, Sonny Walker, and Ross Perner, S.L., 1955
9872PB-021,F-043,I-003P  Jeb Stuart, Winner, With Mrs. Ross Perner, Quarter Horse, Show, Prescott, Arizona, 1955
9873PB-021,F-043,I-004P photo(s) availableC. P. Honeycutt, Winner, with Mrs. Ross Perner, Jr., Quarter Horse Show, Prescott, Arizona, 1955.
9902PB-021,F-046,I-003P  Sissy Walker and Ross Perner at cook-out, S.L., 1955
9732PB-022A,F-001,I-007P  Ross Perner and the Reverend Charles Franklin Parker at Yavapai County Calf Sale, S.L., 1952
13411PB-082A,F-004,I-001P  Mr. and Mrs. Ross Perner; Genevieve, Garnet and Ralph Stringfield; Austin and Annie Nunn, Near Prescott, Arizona, 1950s
16177PO-2523P photo(s) availablePortrait of "Mollie" Perner and Ross Hart Perner, c. 1935

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