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475BU-B-8031P photo(s) availableYavapai Club, Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1918
602BU-B-8078P photo(s) availableRed Cross Building, Whipple, Arizona, C.1930
876BU-B-8109P photo(s) availableArchitectural Drawing of Proposed Elks Lodge, 1903
897BU-B-8131P photo(s) availableElks Building on Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930
511BU-B-8172P photo(s) available1.0.0.F. Lodge Building, Cortez Street after May 1971, Prescott, Arizona.
523BU-B-8210P photo(s) availableLaying of Corner for the Masonic Temple, Prescott, Arizona, 1907
524BU-B-8211P photo(s) availableOdd Fellows Hall, Prescott, Arizona, 1903
536BU-B-8224P photo(s) availableOdd Fellows Lodge, Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1890s
825BU-B-8285P photo(s) availableMasonic Temple, Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1910
15181PB-010,F-011 photo(s) availableViews of Post Office, Sacred Heart Church, Granite Dells Railroads, and Hotels in Prescott, Arizona.
15178PB-091,F-001,I-002P  4-H Show, Prescott, Arizona.
15581PB-111,F-009  Views of Jerome, Verde Valley and Prescott Area, Arizona including Smoki Snake Dance.
15698PB-133,F-007  Various Views of People, Horses and Livestock Around Prescott and Phoenix, Arizona.
15712PB-135,F-001/4A photo(s) availableGilliam, Miller, Young, Cook Family, People, Places and Businesses in Prescott, Phoenix, Verde Valley, Kingman, Mayer, Arizona and Salt Lake, Utah.
15754PB-143,F-001 photo(s) availableWesterners Corral Organizational Meeting

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