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1370BR-107P photo(s) availableBridge in Oak Creek Canyon, C.1930
1385BR-121P photo(s) availableOak Creek Canyon Bridge, Old and New, Sedona, Arizona C.1930
1388BR-125P photo(s) availableMidgely Bridge, Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona, C.1950
678BU-H-7013P photo(s) availableOak Creek Lodge, Sedona, Arizona, 1930
1158BU-RA-2145P photo(s) availablePendley Ranch, Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona, 1950
2157IN-PR-1401P  Prehistoric cave dwellings on Oak Creek, Arizona, C.1890
2160IN-PR-1402 P.F  Indian ruins on Oak Creek, Arizona, C.1880
2158IN-PR-1402P.A,B,C,D.  Caves and ruins at junction of Verde River, Oak Creek, Arizona, C.1880
2161IN-PR-1403P.A  Camp near "Aztec" Ruins on Oak Creek, Arizona, C.1880
2162IN-PR-1403P.B  "Aztec" Mound, Oak Creek, Arizona, C.1880
2164IN-PR-1403P.D  Ruins on "Aztec" Mound, mouth of Oak Creek, Arizona, C.1880
2512LA-112P photo(s) availableRed Rock Country, Oak Creek, Arizona, C.1900
2594LA-184P photo(s) availableOak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona, C.1920
2597LA-186P.A  Oak Creek near Sedona, Arizona, C.1910
2603LA-186P.C photo(s) availableOak Creek near Indian Gardens, Yavapai County, Arizona, C.1910

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