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1669C-102P photo(s) availableWilliam Owen O'Neill head store at Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. C.1912
1699CI-TN-111P photo(s) availableCourthouse Plaza, showing Buckey O'Neill statue and gazebo, Prescott, Arizona, C.1915
427CI-TN-122P photo(s) availableRough Rider Monument on Courthhouse Plaza; Prescott, Arizona, C.1915
428CI-TN-123P photo(s) availableRough Rider Monument; Prescott, Arizona, after 1920
3026M-178P photo(s) availableOnyx Mine, Mayer, Arizona, C.1890
4602PO-1114P photo(s) availableCaptain William O. "Buckey" O'Neill, Captain W. S. Valentine, and Lieutenant Jake Henkle of the Milligan Guards, or Prescott Grays, Prescott, Arizona, C.1890
4603PO-1115P photo(s) availablePauline Schindler O'Neill, S.L., 1880s
4604PO-1116P photo(s) availableThe posse which followed and captured the Canyon Diablo train robbers, S.L., 1880s
4605PO-1117P photo(s) availableCaptain William O. "Buckey" O'Neill on horseback, S.L., 1898
5032PO-1564P photo(s) availableCaptain W. F. R. Schindler, Father-in-Law of Buckey O'Neill, Boston, Massachusetts, 1880s
15252PO-2567P  Unverified William Owen "Bucky" O'Neill and His Posse, S.L.

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