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15196  Daniel Bork Photo Album including Bork Family, National Guard and Smoki in Prescott, Arizona, World War II Navy Service, Hawaii, US Territory.
2882MIL-188P photo(s) availableCqmpany "F", 21st Infantry, Arizona National Guard, at camp in Prescott, Arizona, 1909
2885MIL-251P photo(s) availableArizona National Guard at Fort Whipple, Prescott, Arizona, C.1908
2890MIL-257P photo(s) availableCompany M, 158th Infantry, Arizona National Guard, at Old Armory, Prescott, Arizona, September 24, 1940
6448PB-001,A-01 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Historic Houses and Buildings, Prescott, Arizona, 1978
9200PB-017A,F-003,75-709NP  National Guard Drill Team, Prescott, Arizona, 1951
9201PB-017A,F-003,75-710NP  National Guard Unit, Prescott, Arizona, 1948
11873PB-051,F-004,I-DP  Army National Guard Class, Prescott, Arizona, (?), N.D.
11919PB-052,F-002,I-CP photo(s) availableNational Guard Armory, Prescott, Arizona, January 1965
15816PB-147,F-004 photo(s) availableElrod Family Members, School Pagent, Sheriffs Posse, National Guard Armory, Frontier Day, Prescott, Arizona
15883PB-149,F-016 photo(s) availableGrace Edson Family Members, People, Businesses, Scenes, Prescott, Arizona.
5190PO-1614P photo(s) availableCorporal John A. Throne of the California National Guard, Napa, California, C.1905

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