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3319AD-108P photo(s) availableTwo Billboards: "U. S. Defense Bonds;" "They Died With their Boots On", (Movie), Prescott, Arizona, April 27, 1942
3406MISC-152P photo(s) availableFilming of "the Vanishing American", "Covered Wagon," and "Arizona Bound" on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona, 1930s
3407MOV-006P photo(s) availableFilm sets for "Riders of the Purple Sage," Sedona, Arizona, 1920s
10668PB-024,I-001/4P photo(s) availableTom Mix Company movie set at Granite Dells, Prescott, Arizona, 1927
14061PB-090,F-003,I-012P photo(s) availableSanta Fe Railway engine number 1, used in the movie, "How the West Was Won," Seligman, Arizona, N.D.
14808PB-113,F-003,I-010P photo(s) availableShooting a Motion Picture, Prescott, Arizona, C.1908.
14335PB-115,F-002,I-001P  Filming of Santa Fe Movie, Perkinsville, Arizona, 1950s.
14336PB-115,F-002,I-002P  Filming of Santa Fe Movie Showing Randolph Scott on Engine, Skull Valley, Arizona, 1950s.
14995PB-126,F-014,I-005 photo(s) availableMovie making at Fort Whipple with Tom Mix, Prescott, Arizona, 1919.
15010PB-127,F-006,I-001/2  Buck Jones, Movie Actor, Starred in "Law for Tombstone".
15033PB-128,F-006,I-001P  Filming of a Movie at Fairgrounds, Prescott, Arizona.
4542PO-1049P photo(s) availableJack Dempsey, Max Baer, Brodie and Tom Campbell, Culver City, California, 1933

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