IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
16438AG-0004P photo(s) availableGovernment logging camp in the Sierra Ancha Mountains, Roosevelt, Arizona, c. 1909
16439BR-133P photo(s) availableBridge and mining structures presumably in the Bradshaw Mountains, Arizona, N.D.
801BU-C-1019P photo(s) availableSaint Lukes in the Mountains, Prescott, Arizona, 1929
1239BU-RE-4182P photo(s) availableFrank Harts residence in the San Francisco Mountains, 1890s
16066DB-641 photo(s) availableGeorge U. Young Collection
2529LA-128P photo(s) availableApache Trail, Superstition Mountains, Pinal County, Arizona, C.1920
2530LA-129P photo(s) availableBalance Rock, weighing 800 tons, Chiricahua Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona, C.1925
2562LA-146P photo(s) availableSan Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona, C.1920
2561LA-155P photo(s) availableGranite Mountain, Prescott, Arizona, C.1930
2698LA-156P photo(s) availableSan Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona, C.1920
2278LA-163P photo(s) availablePhotographers: Graham Mountains, Arizona, C.1890
2583LA-163P.A  Waterfalls in Graham Mountains, Arizona, C.1910
2585LA-163P.D  Crystal Falls, Graham Mountains, Arizona, C.1910
2599LA-165P photo(s) availableColorado River and Needles Mountains, Mohave County, Arizona, C.1890
2565LA-170P.A,B photo(s) availableSan Francisco Peaks Area, Flagstaff, Arizona, C.1920

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