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15210PB-059,F-008 photo(s) availableIda and Roland Mosher and Family, Cabin Home, Prescott and School in Walnut Creek, Arizona.
2928PB-145,F-012 photo(s) availablePhotograph Collection: Ted Edmundson C.1935
15776PB-145,F-012  Ted Edmundson Photos, Police Department, Prescott, Arizona.
15808PB-146,F-029 photo(s) availableIndividual and Group Family Members, School, Wagon Works and Residence, Prescott, Arizona.
15810PB-146,F-030 photo(s) availableMosher Family, Nurses and Sanitarium, Busineses, Prescott, Arizona.
5083PO-1223P photo(s) availableArmy Recuits, Prescott, Arizona, November 1918

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