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1490BU-I-0187P photo(s) availableJ. M. W. Moore Law Office interior, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
1086BU-RE-4004P photo(s) availableJ. M. W. Moore Residence, East Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, 1900
1746CI-TN-264P photo(s) availableCapt. J. A. Moore, Proprieter, Sgt. Guirhart, Operator, and unidentified men at telegraph office, Maricopa Wells, Arizona, 1874
3873O-116P photo(s) availableInternational Order of Odd Fellows, Prescott, Arizona, 1920s
3888O-131P photo(s) availableElks Lodge Members on Steps of Old Yavapai County Courthouse, Prescott, Arizona, January, 1902
7623PB-005,77-169.0970P  J. M. W. and Fred Moore, real estate, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
12313PB-056,F-007,I-010P  Mesdames Joe Moore, James Sheffer, and Larry Despain, Prescott, Arizona, February 10, 1966
4217PO-0701P photo(s) availableMr. & Mrs. J. M. W. Moore and Fred Moore, S.L., 1880s
4218PO-0702P photo(s) availableJ. M. W. Moore, S.L., and at Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1880-1903
4482PO-0994P photo(s) availableMr. and Mrs. J. M. W. Moore and Sadie Jenkins, S.L., C.1900

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