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972BU-RA-2062P photo(s) availableTom Mix Ranch, Prescott, Arizona, C.1970s
10668PB-024,I-001/4P photo(s) availableTom Mix Company movie set at Granite Dells, Prescott, Arizona, 1927
11795PB-045,F-006,I-008P  Filming of a Tom Mix movie, Granite Dell, Prescott, Arizona, 1925
12406PB-057,A-01,I-088P photo(s) availableJohnny Agree trainer of "Tony," Tom Mix, and unidentified man S.L., 1920s
14995PB-126,F-014,I-005 photo(s) availableMovie making at Fort Whipple with Tom Mix, Prescott, Arizona, 1919.
15821PB-147,F-008 photo(s) availableVarious People and Places, Prescott, Big Chino, Mayer and Young, Arizona.
15838PB-147,F-025 photo(s) availableMartin Underhill Photos of Smoki People, Tom Mix, Liquor Still, Prescott and Phoenix, Arizona.
15839PB-147,F-026 photo(s) availableMartin Underhill Photos of First School House, Governors Mansion, Parade, Tom Mix with Doc Pardee, Prescott, Arizona.
15940PB-159,F-001/3 photo(s) availableFord and Tribby Family Members, Correspondances, Geneology, Personal Artifacts, Records and Family History, Melbourne Australia, Paris, France, Prescott and Wolf Creek Arizona
4560PO-1067P photo(s) availableTom Mix, Prescott, Arizona, 1940s
12465PO-2513P photo(s) availableOscar Lazrell, Tot Young, Lee Murphy, Van Dixon, Gail Gardner, Ab Rudy, Clarence Jackson, Nicholas "Brown" Jackson and Sam Wresley in photo taken by Tom Mix in Skull Valley, Arizona. C.1922

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