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15842  Estelle Blair Bjerg Family Photos, Places People, Buildings, Vehicles, Archaeology, Parades, Scenery in Buckhorn Station, Hayden, Groom Creek, and Flagstaff, Arizona.
15851  Various Places and Events in Prescott, Phoenix, Alpine Valley, Humboldt, Bisbee, and Apache Junction, Arizona.
16439BR-133P photo(s) availableBridge and mining structures presumably in the Bradshaw Mountains, Arizona, N.D.
576BU-B-8054P photo(s) availableSam Hill Hardware Mining Supplies Company, Prescott, Arizona, 1890
828BU-B-8304P photo(s) availableArizona Mine Supply Company, Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
1607BU-S-5002P photo(s) availableIron King School Children, 1903
1622C-135P photo(s) availableGrave of Henry Wickenburg, n.d.
1696CI-TN-108P photo(s) availableCrown King, Arizona, C.1890
426CI-TN-115P photo(s) availableWater Works; Mohave, Arizona; 1890
218CI-TN-116PA-C photo(s) availableMineral Park, Arizona C1880
432CI-TN-118PA-D photo(s) availableMartinez, Arizona; C.1900
1701CI-TN-125P photo(s) availableMorenci, Arizona, C.1930
1702CI-TN-126P photo(s) availableMorenci, Arizona, 1894
1703CI-TN-127P photo(s) availableBig Bug Creek and Poland, Arizona, 1906
1705CI-TN-129P photo(s) availablePoland Hotel and General Store, Poland, Arizona, C.1900

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