IDCall NumberOn LineTitle
828BU-B-8304P photo(s) availableArizona Mine Supply Company, Cortez Street, Prescott, Arizona, C.1910
1607BU-S-5002P photo(s) availableIron King School Children, 1903
1622C-135P photo(s) availableGrave of Henry Wickenburg, n.d.
1696CI-TN-108P photo(s) availableCrown King, Arizona, C.1890
1701CI-TN-125P photo(s) availableMorenci, Arizona, C.1930
1702CI-TN-126P photo(s) availableMorenci, Arizona, 1894
1703CI-TN-127P photo(s) availableBig Bug Creek and Poland, Arizona, 1906
1705CI-TN-129P photo(s) availablePoland Hotel and General Store, Poland, Arizona, C.1900
1707CI-TN-131P photo(s) availableAtchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad Turntable, Poland, Arizona, C.1908
1846CI-TN-157P photo(s) availableJerome, Arizona, C.1920
2294CI-TN-159P photo(s) availableDouglas Mansion, Jerome, Arizona, C.1930
2293CI-TN-161P photo(s) availableJerome, Arizona.
1850CI-TN-163P photo(s) availableLittle Daisy Hotel, Jerome, Arizona, C.1930
1854CI-TN-167P photo(s) availableLittle Italy, Jerome, Arizona, C.1890
1855CI-TN-168P photo(s) availableMain Street, Jerome, Arizona, 1900

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